Real Friends are made on Mondays

We get it. You might think you aren’t the best at ping pong. But you know what you are the best at? Making Monday not feel like a Monday. That is what The League: The Social Edition is all about.

Friends, drinks, food, smiles, and some good ol’ fashioned competition. Take your stress out on some balls. Talk smack to your opponents. Most importantly, play.

How Social League Works

Every Monday*

  • 6-7PM- Warm Ups
  • 6PM – 11PM – Happy Hour Deals and Free Table Time for our Social League Members
    • Austin location will have social league on Fridays.

9 Weeks Total

  • 7 Weeks of Round Robin Play

THE WINNING TEAM takes home an exclusive prize, free membership for the following season, a trophy, and of course, bragging rights.

The Perks of Joining Social League

  • Your very own League Card which will get you party invites, drinks specials and more periodically throughout the season!
  • Food and Drink specials during League Play for all teams
  • Free table time after League Play
  • DJs + other surprise entertainment

The Rules

  • No Experience Necessary. We have pros to help you raise your ping pong game!
  • $600* per team to enter
  • 4 Members per team minimum (One member of each gender must play every week for the team to not be disqualified!)
    • *NYC pricing is $800;

We suggest getting at least 6-8 players total (no maximum!). It is always good to have back-ups for when a few of your teammates decide last minute to take a trip.

  • $150 for Free Agents

Snag the $150 Free Agent ticket and we will hook you up with a team for the season.

Social League Spotlight: meet our all-stars



Anna Signore is a 26-year-old data governance specialist for a popular insurance company. Oftentimes Anna is overcome with feelings of boredom and sluggishness, so on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Anna plays ping-pong after work with her friends. She also happens to host an archery club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that’s beside the point. It’s her passion for ping-pong that has brought Anna unimagined happiness, health, accolades, even love.

Sitting at the bar, while a never-ending barrage of ping-pong balls whiz by, Anna speaks to one of SPIN’s founders, Jonathan Bricklin for a chat about ping pong.

Jonathan: It’s a pleasure to meet you Anna. Your reputation precedes you as the reigning undisputed Chicago champion of the Spin Social League. That’s quite an achievement, can you tell me how it feels being the champ?

Anna: It’s not something I think about every single second, all day every day, I mean, sure, sometimes I think about it, i guess. If I’m being honest, I think about it a lot. I do, and it feels fantastic, beyond fantastic, ecstatic. Better, even, than what I would have thought it would feel like, if I had ever imagined reaching this level of excellence in my life, which I hadn’t. So yeah, it feels good!

Unintentionally, Anna punctuated “good” by biting a shishito pepper off the stem.

Jonathan: What drew you to ping-pong?

Anna: Growing up we I had a table in my basement and two older brothers who didn’t like to lose, so this helped to instill in me a burning passion for competition, and particularly ping-pong.

Jonathan: Did you ever beat your brothers?

Anna: Funny enough, yes, but not as a kid, it was only recently that I was able to finally beat them. So of course, now that I’ve gotten good and was able to win they don’t want to play me anymore.

Jonathan: At least now you can retire as the family champion. Incidentally, how many ping-pong paddles does a champion player like yourself have in her life at any one time?

Anna: Currently, three.

Jonathan: What is it about ping-pong that you love?

Anna: I love the competitiveness and it’s just so much fun. It brings people together. I mean, what’s better than a good rally with your friend? The touch of the ball. Time suspended momentarily. I just love everything about it. I could sit and just watch people play ping-pong all day and be perfectly happy.

Jonathan: Anna, thank you so much for sharing your shishito peppers with me, you are now one of my heroes. And if I could have access to a portal into your brain, I would jump at the chance.