Meet the Founders

About SPIN

In 2007, best friends Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy had a crazy idea—to practice ping pong night and day and get so good that they could make the USA Olympic Team. So, they got busy doing what any future Olympians would do—throwing a weekly ping pong party!

Their parties drew in an eccentric range of artists and actors, musicians and bankers, brokers and broadcasters, and (of course) professional ping pong players and everyone in between. The diversity of the crowd fueled the fun and vibrant energy that remains the essence of SPIN today.


Bricklin and Raharinosy joined forces with retired investment banker and former tennis pro, Andrew Gordon, to launch SPIN’s flagship location on Park Avenue in New York City in the summer of 2009.

From the moment we opened our doors, we have seen the world-wide growth of an iconic ping pong culture, lifestyle, and movement, which has redefined the game to know no boundaries.

It’s all about having fun, not taking life too seriously, making human connections and embracing the contradictions.


At SPIN, we come together to socialize and celebrate play. At our core is the drive to connect through ping pong—a game that transcends age, gender, ethnicity, and all physical boundaries.

We are the original ping pong social club, your offline social network, a place to call home. We welcome diversity and embrace the unconventional.

With venues in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC and Boston we encourage you to participate. Do it together and never alone.