New York 54


7 East 54th Street
New York, NY 10022

Party in New York 54

Coming Soon!

SPIN 54 is an iconic 10,000 square foot ping pong social club in the heart of Midtown on 54th and 5th Avenue.  It houses 8 ping pong tables, a full bar, fantastic shareable menu and private room.  Perfect for full space buyouts!

At the core of SPIN lies our programming—the crazy, interactive events thrown weekly and monthly to bring together a diverse community, where all are welcomed! SPIN believes in the power of ping pong and throughout the years have executed over-the-top and unconventional parties that create memorable experiences.  No one beats an office party, teambuilding event or holiday party at SPIN.

Ever challenge a ping pong professional with their iPhone? How about witnessing two top pros battle it out for glory? Our signature Friday nights include this and so much more, with energizing music, food and beverage and communal games to connect with the ping pong community.  Come join in on the fun at center court. Our free interactive ping pong show usually starts with the run-around, an inclusive and easy game to start the night.

Better yet, join us on Sundays. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends and family than sharing our signature margherita flatbreads or local craft beers over a community building pastime.

Ping pong is not only a social game, but also a leisure sport with a myriad of mental and health benefits.   We work with local and national organizations to bring as much ping pong to the people as we can.  The number of underprivileged and marginalized youth living in urban centers is increasing at an alarming rate. SPIN is in a unique position to support this segment of the population in many ways, namely through charitable events, financial donations, table donations, and an opportunity to escape into the game of ping pong.

From our weekly Players’ Night to our Social League and everything in-between our programming is specifically curated to leave you wanting more.  We bring a unique brand to a world who loves the sport, one incredible (single use straw-less) ping pong experience at a time. Come play with us!