Unlimited Ping Pong Sundays*

We believe in the many benefits of ping pong.  From short term mood boosting to stimulating the growth of brain cells, we want to bring ping pong to as many people in the community as possible.

And what’s the best way of putting more paddles in hands? Make a more community friendly price!




Every week, SPIN offers unlimited ping pong for less than $10 a person on Sundays*.  Grab a paddle, a few snacks and get ready to meet hundreds of your newest friends.

Pop on and off tables throughout the day, while taking some tequila and taco breaks.  Challenge the table next to you to a doubles match! Our community tables are designed with the mentality to meet your fellow neighbors and can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends.

*All venues except our NYC locations.


  • Come into our venues and let the front desk know you are here for Unlimited Sundays
  • Our per person pricing, gets you access to our community table section.
  • It’s a first come, first serve section. Here’s your chance to make some new friends!
  • We recommend playing a couple of games, grabbing a beverage at our bar and coming back after quenching your thirst
  • We ask that you self rotate, but our staff will be happy to ensure you have the BEST experience
  • Don’t want to share? We have additional tables that are available per hour to rent as well.
  • Pay once and never be charged all day long!


  • Rent a pro paddle (so much better to slam on your friends / opponents!)
  • Take an art tour (some of which is for sale)- we’re practically a gallery!
  • Order 3 bowls of popcorn – one taste and you’ll see why
  • Try the Marty Reisman – it’s “the signature cocktail across all of our clubs in the country”
  • Challenge the table next to you to a doubles match!


Another amazing feature of our Unlimited Sundays is the roaming pros.

Spend some time working on your forehand or backhand. They’re here for you!  Sharpen those reflexes with some simple training tricks. Or just buy them a beer at the end of the day and chat about ping pong techniques.

No matter how you want to spend your Sunday afternoon at SPIN, there’s always something to do.