Ladies and gentlemen, grab a paddle and a martini because you are cordially invited to learn the most important shot in ping pong – the serve!
Hosted by Soo Yeon Lee & Alex “Papi” Perez.


Serve from behind the end line of the table.


Show your ball to your opponent with an open palm, which is called the freehand. Toss the ball directly upward without spin, at least 16cm high. Hit the ball when it comes down so it first touches your side of the court before going on your opponent’s side.


In casual games, many players do not toss the ball upward. However, this is technically illegal and can give the serving player an unfair advantage. The opponent and the umpire must have a clear view of the ball at all times.

Now that you’ve got this, why not try the little game that Soo plays in the video? Maybe with a little practice you’ll get good as this!