Raphael Pouliquen

Hometown Antibes, France
Nickname Raphy
Age 25
Weight Varies
Best Shot Forehand loop


Raphael started to play table tennis at the age of 5 and started to compete at the age of 8. After couple years of competing he became one of the top French player for his age. At the age of 13 he moved to the national training center to dedicate himself even more to table tennis where he would practice intensively. Being at the highest level in both single and team competitions, gave him the opportunity to travel all around his home country, France, and Europe. After high school, Raphael wanted to focus more on his studies so he moved to San Francisco to go to college. He currently attends San Francisco State University, where he studies Finance and Decision Science. On his spare time, he enjoys teaching Table Tennis to others as well as running events and tournaments at Spin San Francisco.