Patrick Furgason

Hometown Austin, TX
Nickname Pongin' Patty
Age 21
Weight 175
Sign Sagittarius
Best shot Forehand loop
Theme song On My Level by Wiz khalifa


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I was introduced to the sport of table tennis (or ping pong!) as a child. My family had a table in our house – and after many years of growing frustrated from losing to my parents, I wanted to take the sport more seriously. At age 11 I started taking formal lessons and training for competition. Instantly hooked, I fell in love with the sport and I began training 6 days a week while competing in tournaments across the country.

In 2011 I competed in my first U.S. Open in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – making it to the semi finals of the Cadet Boys division.

Over the next several years I increased the intensity of my training – becoming the top junior player in Austin, and top tier junior in Texas. During summers I served as the assistant coach at Austin Table Tennis’ Youth camp, coaching Austin’s junior and cadet team. I served as the head coach at Austin Pong Club for one year, and have 5 years of cumulative coaching experience.

I’ve been fortunate to train with some of the country’s top coaches and players including Yang Shigang, Bozan Tokic, Richard MacAfee, Perry Schwartzberg and Kenneth Beauchamp.

Off the court I can be found playing poker, working out, playing music with friends, or cooking.