Mathew Waltz

Hometown Deerfield, IL (The Mean Streets)
Nickname The GOAT (Self given)
Age 31
Weight 180 Pure Muscle (and some fat)
Theme song Disney's Hercules (1997): I can go the distance
Quote "If you come at the King you best not miss" -The Wire


Grew up on the mean streets of Deerfield Illinois where I had two choices in life… Grind it out on the Ping Pong tables, OR go to school, get a really good education, hopefully get into a good college, learn a skill that could earn me a well paying job, save money to travel the world, meet the love of my life, get married, and eventually raise a family of Ping Pong champions… It was a tough decision honestly, but you know how the saying goes “I didn’t choose the Pong life, the Pong life chose me.” (Mat Waltz, 2018)

So here we are:
-Been playing competitive for over 20 years
-Top 5 active player in the state
-Played in 5 US Opens (most recent in 2017)
.2x Doubles Champion
.1x Doubles Runner Up
-Will beat you in a game to 11 using my cell phone
-Also a very good leg wrestler