Hometown Manhattan
Nickname Gui
Best shot Forehand Loop
Age 23
Weight 170lbs
Theme Song Tannhauser, WWV 70: Overture - Richard Wagner:
Today was the first day that I felt that I am truly living in space. I have become a man who lives and works in space.


Gideon is a self-taught table tennis player who has competed around the country and is proud to be the #1 ranked player in the District. He is determined to improve his level and views table tennis as a lifelong endeavor. He is currently in DC on Government assignment.

  • 2015 US Nationals U4200 doubles Finalist
  • 2016 Top Spin Open U2150 Champion
  • 2017 NCTTA Great Lakes Region Singles Quarterfinalist

When and why did you start playing ping pong?

I first picked up a paddle at age 10 in the Catskills where I unsuccessfully challenged my mom. When I was 14, my dad brought me to Chinatown, NYC and I worked my way up from there. I play ping pong because it was always fun for me and I am better at it than common American sports.

What has ping pong taught you the most?

Ping pong has taught me that improvement is not about the number of hours and mental effort you put in, but rather about analysis of technique.

Where do you see ping pong going?

Ping pong will gain more traction in night life, USATT will double its size to 15,000+ members

What do you love most about ping pong?

I love the aspect of spin in ping pong. Every other sport has nowhere close the amount of spin.