Dash Neimark

Hometown Chicago, IL
Nickname Dash
Age 28
Weight 160
Sign Aries
Best shot The "floorhand" (a forehand hit while on the floor)
Theme song Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours
Quote "If you clean a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum cleaner"


With over 10 years of tournament experience, Dash knows his forehand from his backhand. Dash reached a USATT rating of over 2100 and competed in 3 years of collegiate table tennis. He played 2 years for University of Florida (where he won the Florida state singles collegiate championship) and 1 year for Northwestern, making it to nationals all 3 times. For the past two years he has worked as a table tennis professional for SPiN Chicago where he gives lessons, runs tournaments and spreads the love of ping pong with people of all skill levels. He also was named (self-proclaimed but likely true) the best cell phone player in the world – feel free to challenge him to a game of cell phone ping pong :-).