Anna Fita

Hometown Chicago, IL
Nickname Anya
Age 20 in alien years
Weight Before or after dinner?
Sign Leo


Anna’s mother was a professional table tennis coach in her native Ukraine, so she got exposed to the sport very early on “with the mother’s milk,” as goes the Russian expression. However, instead of encouraging Anna’s innate passion for table tennis, mother felt professional ballet training [back in those days in the USSR you either trained to become a professional or did not have access to the training] was a better idea for a girl and as we all know, for better or for worse, mother knows best. Anna did not pick up a table tennis paddle again until graduate school and the rest was history. Two hours of daily training turned into 4-6 hours per day and before long Anna was competing in table tennis tournaments all over the country. Some of her most memorable accomplishments were winning two consecutive championships in Indiana State 3600 Doubles in 2004 and 2005 with future husband and fellow SPiN Pro, Lukasz Fita.