Alex Perez

hometown Dominican Republic
Nickname Big Papi
Best Shot Backhand
DOB 02/11/1966
Weight 185lbs
Sign Pisces
Theme Song Tobacco Rhum - Fernando Villalona
Enjoy life!


Alex “Papi” Perez is a professional ping pong player from Dominican Republic who’s salsa dancing might be more dangerous than his forehand. Alex was a junior champion in both singles and doubles before moving to the US in 1996.

  • 1992 – Pre Olympic player
  • 1998 – Best player in the SPIN League  and Dirty Dozen tournament
  • 1997  – Wins the US Open under 2400
  • 2002 – US Open Finalist under 2500

When and why did you start playing ping pong?

I started playing when I was a little kid. They were a lot of ping pong tables around town in the city I grew up in. One day I just tried it and fell in love with the sport.

What has ping pong taught you the most?

Ping pong has helped come from the bottom and be well recognized economically and socially. It gave me an opportunity to travel the world and meet new people. But the most important is that it taught me how to be respectful towards others and remind me where I come from.

Where do you see ping pong going?

There’s no limit to the sport. I hope more people will embrace it and want to get better.

What do you love most about ping pong?

It’s a sport that gives a chance to everybody 🙂