Players' Night is Every Friday Night

Ever challenge a ping pong professional with their iPhone? How about witnessing 2 top professionals battle it out for glory? Our signature Friday nights include this and so much more, with energizing music, food and beverage and communal games to connect with the ping pong community.

Let the Games Begin (10PM)*

Come join in on the fun at center court! Compete for swag, challenge our pros and get involved in what’s clearly going to be your new go-to Friday night spot.

*6PM in SPIN 54/9PM in Washington DC


Here’s the deal. Our Friday nights always begin with the runaround. A pro is on one side of the table and everyone lines up on the other. The game begins with the pro starting a rally, one person hits the ball and then runs around the table to the end of the line. The game continues until there is one person crowned the champion. Think you have the stamina to outlast the competition?


Ever see those YouTube videos of world-class ping pong players? Well here is your chance to witness it in person! Every week we have a pro exhibition match, pick your side and you might even get a prize for supporting your favorite player.


Think you have what it takes to return 1 serve from a pro? Many have tried, but few succeed. Bring your A-Game, a drink and the resolve.  We’ll supply the ping pong pro.

FYI: it’s a lot harder than it looks…


Hailing from our original ping pong days, hit the money started when our founders put a $100 bill on the ping pong table. Serve the ball, hit the prize and take it home – simple as that. We have revised this to include additional prizes, so here’s your chance to participate, show your skills and take home the money!


See you on the ping pong tables!