Max Sansing

Max Sansing, a Chicago native, was raised on the Southside in the Avalon Park community.  Fueled by a desire to create art, Sansing taught himself oil painting and later completed two years of formal college training at The American Academy of Art. In addition to painting full time, Sansing has expanded his creativity and artistic talents into creating murals across Chicago and translating art into electronic media.  Sansing’s work has been displayed in art galleries and special events in Chicago and New York.

As the first artist to do hyperrealism in one of our venues, Max brought his unique artistic vision to the space, creating an immersive experience in tandem with the rest of the pieces. His large-scale and attention to detail brings a higher-end sophistication to every room his pieces inhabit. As the juxtaposition of hyperrealism smashes into the wild unpredictability and energy of ping pong, a strangely wonderful effect begins to take shape.