King Saladeen

As one of the most exciting artists working today, King Saladeen’s fusion of different artistic mediums and inspiring techniques demonstrates that he is a unique talent who likes to push the boundaries and challenge the concept of what art is. Inspired by the life and death of his best friend (J.P.) and growing up in inner city Philadelphia, his art takes on a type of industrial aesthetic and design that is only achievable by a certain authenticity and grit. King Saladeen is self-taught, which he believes is a positive thing, as he approaches the art world with no preconceived notions about what is possible.

Saladeen’s unique story and relationship to the city of Philadelphia was a huge inspiration for the SPIN family. His energetic, colorful and vibrant style is a perfect representation of what the brand is and of what we wanted to bring to the city of brotherly love. The piece he created is a wonderful representation of the complexities of life – from light to dark, happiness to sorrow – while his unique voice shines through in a powerful, inspiring way.