Jason Eatherly

SPIN Art Jason Eatherly

Jason Eatherly is a celebrated American contemporary and street culture artist currently creating and residing in Austin. His diverse artistic mediums range from acrylic on hand-constructed canvas to large scale spray paint and roller murals. He is known for his love for the beautification of lost spaces, his transparency, and the courage and commitment to trying new and inventive things. Eatherly has spent endless hours in the studio, copious late-nights in the streets, and years of crafting his unique style in hopes that he may encourage positive inspiration for his viewers. His use of playful imagery mixed with an avante-guard interpretation of urban decay in conjunction with his iconic Queen Eli moniker, has forged him into one of Austin’s most notorious contemporary artists.

Our desire to work with Jason was driven by his incredible talent and the versatility he shows. We wanted him to create something hyper-realistic that at the same time brought a super-local presence to the space. His work can be found across the streets of Austin and we knew that collaborating with him would help us blend into the city. It also brought a very street-meets-rural aspect that helped us elevate our space. And of course, the idea of being able to paint cars together with a ping pong table on top was the perfect unconventional balance of what we stand for as a brand.