Past Events

Inaugural New Years Eve Party

Let’s be original and unique, and break free of the common NYE party.


Whether your 2018 was a roaring success or a year to forget, we have the perfect celebration planned for putting the past behind us. Let’s focus on 2019 and all of the ways we’re going to improve not only ourselves, but those around us too. How?

With ping pong, of course. Ok, and maybe a little bubbly. Fine, a LOT of bubbly.

Let’s get dolled up and surround ourselves with friends and loved ones (and hundreds of ping pong loving strangers). Let’s be original and unique and break free of the common NYE party. Let’s eat, drink, dance, cheer, laugh, and make incredible ping pong memories!

Join SPIN DC in our inaugural New Year’s Eve Party!  Everyone must purchase a general admission ticket to enter.  There are also enhanced ping pong packages available!


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