Past Events

The Breasties Move Mountains Gala

The Story of The Breasties

Four twenty-somethings directly affected by breast cancer teamed up to create the organization they so desperately needed. Allie Brudner and Leslie Almiron, both diagnosed with breast cancer in their twenties, and Paige More and Brianna Majsiak, who have hereditary cancer genetic mutations all felt alone in their experiences, until finding each other.

While going through testing, treatments, and surgeries, were all difficult – the greatest hardship for the young co-founders of The Breasties, was the feeling of isolation. The waiting rooms and support groups for women with breast cancer are targeted towards women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s+. When in your twenties, it is easy to feel like an anomaly when dealing with this disease that typically affected older women.

Almiron, Brudner, Majsiak, and, More met on social media, an outlet they turned to when coping with their high risks and diagnoses of cancer. They formed a community of young women, who bonded over their experiences with cancer and felt comfort knowing there were others who “get it.”

Since then, The Breasties was born, with the mission to empower and support young women affected by breast and ovarian cancer through community and friendship. The Breasties organization hosts free wellness retreats, events and meetups in different cities and connects women with one another in person and online. The hope is to spread the message that whatever you are going through — you are not alone.

The Breasties & SPIN

The Breasties Move Mountains Gala will be held on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at SPiN’s flagship location in New York City, to commemorate The Breasties’ official launch as a 501(c)3 organization and to celebrate the resilience of all of the women affected by cancer worldwide.

The event is being held at SPiN because the co-founders believe in the need to reshape the narrative surrounding breast and ovarian cancer. They wanted the gala to have a young, fun feel, just like their organization. When you walk into SPiN, you automatically feel the fun and vibrant energy – something The Breasties wanted guests to feel at their event.

Breast Awareness Month

The event is being held in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to support the annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease – specifically, the incidence of the disease in young women and the importance of knowing your risk!

Genetic Testing

Making genetic testing affordable and accessible to everyone is a long term mission of the Breasties. Three of four of co-founders have all tested positive for harmful hereditary cancer genetic mutations. Knowing your risk and genetic background can empower women (and men) to make behavior changes and proactive decisions to significantly decrease their risk. The Breasties is excited to be partnering with Color Genomics to offer free onsite genetic testing and counseling at the event.