Past Events

Prohibition Pong

Join Us for a MagicalJazz-Age Style Ping Pong Party


Grab your friends, your fedoras and your faux fur… and let’s have one hell of a fabulous fete. What makes a Prohibition party? Vintage glamour, classic cocktails and of course, a password.

Speaking of classic cocktails, here’s the story behind one of the specials we’ll be featuring:

  • Jim Beam Citrus Highball

What’s in it: Jim Beam Bourbon, with club soda, and a lemon garnish

Where it comes from: Legend has it that the English actor E.J. Ratcliffe brought the drink across the pond to New York in 1894, gracing happy hours with this staple cocktail for generations.

All you have to do to enjoy this evening laid out especially for you is whisper at the door: The Game Has No Name… We’ll handle the rest.


#UnitedByPingPong  #Prohibition