Past Events

House Party Saturdays Kick Off

SPIN will introduce casual play to entertainment concepts ideal for groups that include miniature ping-pong tables, Plinko, giant Connect Four, and state-of-the-art old-fashioned Pong machines. Expect the unexpected. Get introduced to your new friends. Relive your childhood days in a way that can never be imagined.

Want to know more? Here are some activations planned for the evening

Aaron’s Silly Putty

Relive your childhood memories with a custom silly putty station for a keepsake to take home.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Come for the drinks and games, stay for the ice cream sandwiches. We will be giving away a selection of Big Gay Ice Cream cookie sandwiches throughout the evening

Natural Light

Nothing says House Party more than Natural Light and the newest edition, Naturdays. Come have a sip and reminisce about your younger self.

The worries of the week are behind you and now it’s time to let loose. SPIN will have a slew of new DJs to entertain your evening on and off the ping pong tables. Dance, groove and play. The night is dedicated to meeting friends new and old and kicking back from the worries of tomorrow.