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Sound Session



Come dance and pong all night to the beats and drums of NYC’s most iconic underground performer during our Players’ Night.

About the artist:

Being focused on music at an early age, Vorzimer built his first drum set and began forging a career as a percussionist and composer first in Boulder Colorado and then in New York.

While steeped in jazz education in the New School For Jazz and Contemporary music and jam sessions around the city, he quickly expanded his styles and adapted the jazz concepts he was learning in school with electronic music and it became eCussion (a hybrid electro/acoustic based compositional style on drum-set, with any electronics involved). The latest development is Drum Jockey. Matt’s high energy combination of live remixing, drumming and DJing using a combo of acoustic drums and Roland drum machines which has taken the world by storm in his recent viral video getting over 2 Million combined views online.

As an educator Matt has traveled and performed all around the world including, Thailand, Brazil and Spain.

As a drummer and eCUSSIONIST, he’s shared the stage with some of the best musicians and rappers including Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, DJ Raydar Ellis, Black Sheep, M-1, Big Yuki, Craig Robinson, Lakecia Benjamin, Nth Power, Raye 6, DJ Rich Medina, Natasha Diggs, Maurice “Mo Betta” Brown, Phantom Vanity, Kenyatta Beasley, Chris Rob, Lifted Crew, Jean Michel Basquiat’s Gray feat. Michael Holman, Logan Richardson, Chris Turner and jazz legends, Billy Hart, Reggie Workman and The Cotton Club All-Stars. As a producer/engineer, remixer and arranger and songwriter Matt has collaborated with Robert Glasper, Jesse Boykins III, Pusher T’s Play Clothes label, Chris Turner, CJ Hilton, Steele of Smif-n-Wessun, Tiombe Lockhart, Phyllisia Ross, Aliyah Niambi, and Dannis Winston, Chris Turner.

As a solo artist Matt has put out 4 EP’s, 5 mix tapes and an LP under his name(s) eCUSSIONIST/eKUSH. As a songwriter/composer and musical director, Matt has contributed music to shows, web-series’, plays and commercials, such as “Cadillac Summer Campaign 2013,” “Decisions On a Mile High,” “DARFUR: Holocaust Remembrance Project” “RWANDA: Holocaust Remembrance Project,” “TRAIL OF TEARS: Holocaust Remembrance Project,” “MISTER (Online dating app)” Tall Boys Media short films “Lucky 7” and ”Legend of the Hidden Coats” and Tiombe Lockhart’s short film, “Hell In The Hallway.”

Matt Vorzimer is the recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artist Grant and been given the opportunity to present original works at The Kennedy Center and The Telluride Jazz Festival.