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Halloween Party | Kostume Kult

Hello boys and ghouls! Your old pal KryptKeeper here, having a bit of Halloween fun. Tonight my tale is actually… a tail! A tale of a menagerie of tails… Where all manner of animals, freaks, cyborgs, and otherworldly creatures cavort and brandish a devilish variety of tails – detachable tails, prehensile tails, feathered, furry, scaled, tentacled, striped, spotted, even glowing tails! I’m dying to see you flaunt your appendages! I’m sure you’ll have looks that…kill?…

Our is the official after-party for the 45th annual Village Halloween Parade in partnership with Kostume Kult.
The parade begins at 7pm, going up 6th avenue from Spring street to 21st street… Just a short, creepy walk to the party venue. March with Kostume Kult or skip the crowds going straight to the party. That neighborhood will be ON FIRE and we will be the best thing going in NYC! It’s gonna be a scream.

As always, for Halloween, all are welcome in any form of costumed creativity but to play along with the theme, think retro comic book horror with artistic tailpieces. All interpretations are encouraged and costumes are required.

There will be DJ’s in 2 different rooms: Names to come…


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