Past Events

Prohibition Pong

An Evening of Ping Pong, Performance, and Prohibition Style Cocktails.


Our pro pong players will still show off their skills at center court but this time they are sharing the stage. Taking over the dance floor will be the winners of the 2018 Best Ensemble at the Texas Burlesque Festival, and Texas’ one and only plus size performance troupe, Fat Bottom Cabaret.

For sure we will need to take a break from all the hot ping pong and dance action so make sure you catch the musical intermission with Austin’s chanteuse, songwriter, ukelele and baritone player, artiste extraordinaire, lush, dissolution personified, and proof that sex and talent have no sell-by date, Luna Tart. If you love drag queens and cocktails, you will fall in love with Luna Tart. She won’t love you back but you won’t care.

With a Jazzy Playlist running all night long to keep you in the vibe, specialty cocktails featuring Jim Beam Bourbon and a 1920s-price drop on the signature cocktail at midnight, this will be a party to remember. Put on your dancing shoes, dress to impress, and find your way to the door.

Make sure to slip the host at the door the password for a specialty drink token.

Just whisper: “The Game Has No Name”.