CO2 Neutral

Did you know that SPIN is completely carbon neutral?

SPIN obtained the “CO2-Neutral” label, for climate responsibility.

To get there we had our CO2 emissions and climate impact calculated. In order to reduce our climate impact, it is important to know where our CO2 emissions come from.

“By choosing CO2 neutrality WE chose to take OUR responsibility for the true impact of our CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society and future generations”

Our club’s total annual CO2 emissions are equivalent to the average emissions of 33 US citizens! SPIN proudly practices eco-friendly initiatives to conserve energy and reduce waste, and offsets the remainder of our CO2 emissions. We give back in line with our impact through the support of Gold Standard certified climate projects, in a partnership with CO2logic.

Your events & incentives are also CO2-NEUTRAL!

Because of our climate actions, any event taking place at SPIN is also CO2-Neutral. From now on you can organise fun & responsible team buildings & events at SPIN.

At SPIN we are constantly conscious of doing our part to protect our planet. May every day be Earth Day.  Pong for the planet!

Some tips on how you can do your part for protecting our environment:

  • Buy green power, from renewable energy sources, ask your utility / energy provider.
  • Eat less meat. If you’re already a vegetarian, you save at least 3,000 pounds of CO2 per year compared to meat eaters. If you’re not a vegetarian, just increase the number of vegetarian meals you eat each week by one or two. Also, poultry is 4 times less greenhouse gas intensive than beef.
  • Take public transport or jump on your bicycle when you can.
  • Turn ‘em off – Only use the lights you need. Shut off lights in unused rooms.
  • Reuse.  Recycle. You’ve heard it before, but it’s still great advice..
  • Stop your junk mail with the help of 41pounds, a non profit service that contacts dozens of direct mailers to remove your name from their lists.
  • Buy organic, seasonal & local if possible.
  • Don’t waste food. About one-quarter of all the food prepared annually in the U.S. gets tossed, producing methane in landfills as well as carbon emissions from transporting wasted food.

Like us you can also support CO2logic climate projects: