Ava Grey Collaboration

Ava Grey Designs is a creative agency and production house comprised of artists and designers with a range of professional backgrounds, working towards a common goal of creating dynamic projects that connect to audiences in authentic and visually impactful ways. Their work adapts multiple facets of urban contemporary landscapes and culture along with natural elements to best fit each project’s purpose and design challenge. While their specialties include creating custom designed art installations, sculptures, and murals, their core strength lies in an extensive understanding of design coupled with an unrelentingly high standard for quality production.

The largest piece in our Chicago location is a collaboration between several local Chicago artists (Ava Grey Designs, Jas Petersen, Kane One, Max Sansing and CRZ PRZ). We wanted to create a wall that symbolizes the city by paying tribute to the buildings surrounding the venue and showcasing a variety of styles emblematic of Chicago’s city streets. Being one of the most prominent pieces in our largest venue, it pulls your attention toward it and transports you to a world that’s both different and familiar.